About Us

Shut Up & Drive  was founded in 2010 by Bridget Baker.

We're an honest, family owned and family oriented school. Our school is centered around making sure students learn the necessary skills to be safe and aware drivers. We will work with any and every student to ensure that they actually learn the material, not just memorize answers to a test.

We want our classroom to not only be fun and interactive, but we want it to be hands on learning so that our students can learn the necessary skills to become excellent drivers. It's our policy to not graduate any student from our school unless we're positive that they will be a safe driver out on the road. 

We take pride in knowing our students not only learn in the classroom, but they teach the skills they've learned to their friends and family. We have had countless graduated students contact us to tell us our teaching saved the life of them or someone they knew.

Shut Up & Drive 318-445-3237  1622 Military Hwy,Pineville, LA 71360